• A leaflet feeder designed and manufactured by the cartoner maker
  • Stable vacuum pickup system ( Vacuum Pump equipped )
  • Different type of leaflet mixing inspection device with the barcode reader.
  • Defective leaflet discharged automatically. The defective leaflet is not be transferred to an operator.
  • Conducts the quantity control after operation.
  • A variety of counters ( The number of cartons, non defective/defective leaflets, and the number of required setting leaflets )
  • AC100V connection only, Air source not required.
Applications Medical supplies, foods, cosmetics
Leaflet size Folding width : 35 ` 52o
Folding length : 90 `140o@i210oj
Capacity Max 60 sheets/min
Electric AC100V 0.3kw
Option Extension magazine, 2 dimensions code