• Designed to reduce a packing work to improve efficiency, and save working time and reduce labor.
  • Realized the stable carton forming due to reverse erecting carton forming by applying W Suction system.
  • Enable to change the size instantly by counting management with digital counter hand wheels indicating the carton size W x T x L.
  • Responds to variety of products by being fed manually.
  • Easy to move the machine, as it comes with casters.
Applications Medical and Pharmaceutical products, Food products, General products and etc.
Carton Size W30`105mm T=17`65mm L=70`220mm
Capacity 100 cartons / minute ( Max )
Weight About 1,700kg
Electric Power 2.2kW ( 5.2 kW)
Air Supply 0.5MPa/cm2 20 litters /min ( ANR )
Optional device Embossed print device , Hot melt device, turn overing discharge device and others