• 3 rotary heads with swaying pickup system and tri-party suctions enable the high speed and stable cartons picking.
  • The forced carton forming system with assist suctions and each heads open arms in 90 degree and 150 degree.
  • The timing adjustments at each stations are not required due to the rotary with swaying pick up system.
  • Achieve Max speed 350 cartons / min.
  • Machine installation area : Reduced 30% of machine installation area compared with a conventional type. ( Our company comparison )
  • The digital count hand wheels at the size change points enable to the quick size change and repeatability.
  • Balcony type frame enables to find the falling objects in the machine easily.
  • Realize the forced and stable carton forming with 3 rotary heads with swaying pick up and forming system.
Type MKR-2.5R
Carton Size W=20`45mm H=20`45mm L=70`200mm@*WH
Capacity 350 cartons/minute
Machine Weight About 2,000kg
Electric 3kW (6kW)
Air source 0.5MPa/cm2, 100 l /min (ANR )
Machine Size W=1,620mm H=1,300mm L=3,600mm@*WH
Option Automatic feeder@leaflet feeder printing device, gluing device other inspection devices