*The machine in the picture connected with Automatic feeder Mro-100
  • Swing reverse carton forming
    Improved the stability of cartons picking with 2 heads and 180‹reversal system.
  • Soft square conveyance
    Beside the comb type conveyance, soft square conveyance enhances the countermeasure against the scratches and dents. When conveying, it conveys the carton softly and when stopping it forms the carton squarely
  • Compact design
    Reduce the installation area by 20% compared with current model MKY-5GS
  • Access
    Reduced the height of leaflets filling the utmost and improved the efficiency. Enlarged the opening of frame to improve the efficiency of changing the parts.
Applications Medical supplies, Food, Cosmetic
Carton size W = 35` 65mm
H = 20` 50mm
L = 80`180mm
*W + H …150mm
Capability 40 `100 cartons /min
Weight About 2,000kg ( Cartoner only)
Electric 3 Phases 200V 10kVA
Air source 0.5MPa/cm2 50L/min (ANR)