• Blade carton forming and reverse folding device enable to form the carton 10mm thickness and square shaped carton stably.
  • Emboss printing on the carton body is possible.
  • Sloping carton at manual feeding process enables to feed the product into the carton softly.
  • Packing form can be selected freely from hot melt and insertion flap gluing.
  • Extremely simplified machine to pursue the compact, flexibility and abbreviation.
Type MKK-5 MKK-6 MKK-8
Carton size W=25mm`90o W=35mm`125o W=25mm`90o
g=10mm`62o g=10mm`80o g=10mm`62o
L=50(38)`200o L=50`200o L=60`300o
* W+H125o * W+H150o * W+H200o
Capacity 50 Cartons / minutes 40 Cartons/minutes
Electric 3Phases@200V 2kW ( 5kW )
Air source 0.5MPa/cm 2 250l /min
Machine Weight About 1,200kg About 1,300kg About 1,500kg
Machine size W=1000mm W=1000mm W=1000mm
H=1500mm H=1500mm H=1500mm
L=2600mm L=2700mm L=3200mm
Option Emboss print device, Gluing device (Hot melt )