• Enables to be installed at the exit of cartoning machine.
  • Realizes the stable operation with the intermittent motion attach conveyor.
  • The defective products removal mechanism is equipped.
    *Marking device can be equipped in the defective product removal mechanism
  • All the printing and inspecting data can be input on a touch screen panel.
    *The data read by hand-reader can be transferred to the main PC as a human error prevention.
  • Enables to be equipped with barcode printer, barcode printing and image processing inspection ( verification) machines from various makers.
  • Responds to traceability, figures control and * Part 11. * as optional.
Application Carton for medical supplies
Carton size W=20`75mm
Capacity 20`65 cartons / minute
( Depending on the printing content )
Machine size W=20`75mm
Machine weight 350kg